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GAAD-RAVI partnership : “The RAVI foundation and us are complementary” Ernest HAJZLER

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GAAD-RAVI Foundation partnership

“The RAVI Foundation and us are complementary ” Ernest HAJZLER

The Group of Actors for Sustainable Development (GAAD) has been in partnership with the RAVI Foundation since 2019. Several areas of collaboration exist between the two organizations, all of which are working for sustainable development in Burkina Faso. The founder of the group, created in 2009 in France and present in Burkina since 2013, met with the Foundation’s team on 30 January 2020.

The objective of the Group of Sustainable Development Actors (GAAD) is to make endogenous sustainable micro-development possible and to perpetuate it by providing support and appropriate training. The RAVI Foundation, for its part, has the ambition to make all the localities of Burkina Faso liveable and enjoyable through the creation of wealth by inspiring and training young people and women to invest in entrepreneurship. It is therefore quite natural that the two structures have found common points of collaboration as the Founder of GAAD, Ernest HAJZLER, attests: “We discovered the foundation which has the same objectives as us, but we do things in different ways. It is therefore complementary and we are interested in it. There are things that we bring that are not known here and things that are here that we don’t know and that could be brought by the RAVI Foundation.

The intervention in the field concerns the implementation of the Fast Job and Food concept. The aim is to rapidly, significantly and sustainably improve the living conditions of rural populations in villages located in the peripheral area of Ouagadougou, including Yalgtenga and Ghoungin. In practice, the RAVI Foundation will set up a system of agriculture integrated with fish farming and various other trades in these villages with the aim of creating a sustainable value chain and the rapid production of food for the socio-economic stabilization of young people and women in these localities. Moreover, the social mobilization tour launched by the RAVI Foundation in early January is part of this framework. It had notably made it possible to gather the expectations of the populations with a view to deploying the concept. Today’s meeting made it possible to plan future activities for the year 2020. The next step is to carry out the profiling activity in the village of Yalgtenga with a view to identifying and positioning young people and women in the professions that would best suit them. This activity will be followed by the realization of fish ponds.

GAAD-RAVI Foundation partnership

GAAD-RAVI Foundation partnership

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