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RAVI President
President of RAVI Foundation

Dear members, friends and supporters,

In the fight against poverty, the logics and paradigms taught and practised have shown their limits. Today, they must give way to new dynamics of local actions, carried out with and for the women and men of countries such as Burkina Faso. Through appropriate mechanisms, every human being has the right and the power to satisfy his basic needs, such as sufficient food, housing and clothing. This is our conviction at the RAVI Foundation. The RAVI Foundation (from its corporate name “REVIE”) is a Burkinabé association that works to support young people and women in their socio-economic and professional well-being through business creation and the promotion of sustainable employability.

Our vision for Burkina Faso and the whole world is that every human being, wherever he or she is, can make his or her locality Vital and Agreable (VA).  The “VA” vision was born out of the observation of the resurgence of unemployment and poverty in our country, which is one of the least developed countries in Africa and in the world, yet endowed with a strong economic and social potential thanks to its young men and women who are the key factor in its development. Consequently, Burkina Faso, for instance, is rich in exploitable resources for the development of the endogenous economy through endogenous research. For we have an incredible amount of assets: capable and skilful men and women, experience, expertise, poorly exploited soils, water in the subsoil, raw materials and grey matter.

We can create value, wealth and develop ourselves by supporting the largest idle mass of 88% of the total population who are young people and women. That is why they should be resolutely considered not as social charges, but as essential partners in development.

     Passing through this youth is the sure guarantee of rapid economic development. For us, poverty is not a lack of resources but a lack of vision and appropriate strategy. The mobilization of endogenous resources, supported by flexible mechanisms such as donations or shareholding, is the key to success. Taking care of human needs, by themselves and for their own well-being, is the essence of our vision and commitment. In this sense, the “Unithon” initiative (voluntary contribution) is a framework for the participation of all to finance the implementation of the IL Vision in its “Fast Job and Food” component producing food and employment within 5 months in all seasons, in order to provide a rapid and sustainable solution to the urgent and pressing needs of the populations (especially rural and displaced populations).

With 4 years of experience, research and discoveries, the RAVI Foundation is ready today to take another dimension in these actions. Our mission is to inspire and train young people and women to become involved in entrepreneurship and to mobilize resources to enable them to realize their ambitions in their locality.

Because we can no longer continue to remain insensitive to the cries of youth, we have decided to diversify our interventions detailed in our five-year plan ( 2018 – 2022 ) launched under the very high patronage of His Excellency the President of Faso. We intend to recruit 8,000 women and young people and to create 5,000 SMEs that can generate 250,000 downsized and sustainable jobs throughout the country. That is why we are active in some fifty fields, the best known of which are the 5 A’s: Agriculture, Poultry, Beekeeping, Aquaculture and Arboriculture with multiple support services. We believe that each field taken in isolation cannot give lasting results. It is necessary to create a value chain system so that the interweaving of two or more of them creates a perfect balance and symbiosis guaranteeing their overall growth and then their sustainability.

As we know, our world is facing difficulties of all kinds. Our country, Burkina Faso, is going through historically painful times. But we must not abandon this quest for development. We know we can count on the commitment and generosity of women and men ready to mobilize around the IL vision to give hope to millions of young people. Come with us, support us in this fight that we have undertaken for our youth.

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