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vision and mission

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At the RAVI Foundation our core values are:

* Integrity

* Discipline

* Work

* Respect

* Honesty

* Justice

* Equality

2018-2022 OBJECTIVES

According to the RAVI Foundation’s five-year strategic plan 2018-2022, the objectives are to recruit 8,000 people ( youth and women ) to create 5,000 registered businesses that are expected to generate 250,000 decent and sustainable jobs within five years.


The vision of the Foundation is the one known as “VA”. It is a holistic concept that translates into making a community “Vital and Attractive”. This vision focuses on taking care of people’s needs, by themselves and for their own well-being. It is a question of investing in Man, for his sustainable development, and developing Man to develop the city. It is thus the guarantee of a job for everyone, for all and forever, in a radiant and prosperous place.


The Foundation’s main missions are to :

– Inspire and train young people and women to become involved in entrepreneurship;

– Gather resources to enable them to achieve their ambitions in their locality.

Area of intervention

The RAVI Foundation is active throughout the whole country of Burkina Faso. Its actions in recent years have been in the central region, Ouagadougou and its surroundings, as well as in the northern region in Ouahigouya and Kongoussi.

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