Fondation REVIE : « Mission Zéro-Chômeur »
Visite de IB Bank et la fondation HANNS SEIDEL

IB BANK and HANNS SEIDEL at the RAVI Foundation

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IB BANK and HANNS SEIDEL at the RAVI Foundation

There is no longer a single day without visitors to the premises of the foundation in Ouagadougou. For various reasons, but always linked to actions in favor of young people and women, institutions, companies and individuals come to see the Foundation’s achievements on site, request its services or offer support for the implementation of its vision. This is the case of the HANNS SEIDEL Foundation and IB BANK who were present at the foundation on January 10 and 13 respectively.

The German HANNS SEIDEL Foundation, with a delegation of three members, came to see the range of jobs to be offered to young people by the RAVI Foundation. In the service of democracy, peace and development, the HANNS SEIDEL foundation, present since 2012 in Burkina Faso, works, among other things, in the field of training for job creation. It is only natural that the approaches developed and promoted by RAVI arouse its interest. In fact, the RAVI Foundation has targeted young people and women, to whom it provides support for their socio-professional integration, notably through the creation of businesses. A partnership is being established between the two organizations for an intervention by RAVI in 12 localities in Burkina Faso and on behalf of around 40 young beneficiaries. The visit therefore allowed the German foundation to know and understand the concepts developed by REVIE in ​​order to better frame the intervention in the field.


Visit of the HANNS SEIDEL foundation to the RAVI Foundation


After the HANNS SEIDEL Foundation, it’s IB Bank’s turn to visit the RAVI Foundation.
A banking institution for excellence, IB BANK contributes to the economic and social development of Burkina and Africa by investing through support for SMEs and SMIs, financing of transport, international trade, agriculture, construction of roads, drilling, dams, etc. As such, it is a partner of first choice for the foundation, which in its actions, provides for the construction of water points for irrigation in favor of market gardening, the creation of 500 companies for young people and women on five (5) years and in particular the setting up, in Burkina Faso, of a quality fish food production unit to supply the actors of this field.

IB Bank visit to the RAVI Foundation

A partnership with the two visiting organizations should enable the RAVI Foundation to approach its ideal of zero unemployment in Burkina Faso.

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