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Inauguration of the hatchery: The Foundation received this Monday, December 9, 2019 at 08:30 AM the visit of Mr. Sommanogo KOUTOU Minister of Animal Resources and Fisheries.

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On the program of this day, after the speeches of the Minister of Fishery Resources and the President of the RAVI Foundation, the ribbon-cutting followed, and the visit of the infrastructures before ending with an exchange on the challenges and perspectives of this vast construction site.



  • Cutting the ribbon
  • Escorted by a strong delegation, the Minister inaugurated the fish hatchery of the RAVI Foundation.


  • Visiting the achievements


In the search for a solution to the problem of permanent availability of alevins, which was found to be general at the national level, the RAVI Foundation came to the conclusion that the solution was to immediately undertake the setting up of a high-capacity hatchery to ensure the supply of alevins.

According to the President of the RAVI Foundation, the setting up of this entire hatchery unit is a solution to supply in real time the RAVI Foundation’s fish farming beneficiaries who had seen their activities stopped for a whole year due to a lack of alevins in Burkina Faso.

Discussions on challenges and opportunities

The RAVI solution is built to take into account, beyond the farms, the complete assistance, even of the household production in homes through the “FAMILY POPOT” KIT (to have its fish farming kit, poultry breeding kit and off-ground garden at home) on a reduced space for the consumption of quality products. For according to the President of the RAVI Foundation “it is only at this price that Burkina Faso will be able to take up the challenge of satisfying national consumption exclusively through national production”.

Family Meal Kit (fish farming)


  • Family picture

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