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PARTNERSHIP Between RAVI Foundation and The municipality of DJIBO (in the Sahel)

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A delegation of the RAVI Foundation led by Mr. Roger TINDREBEOGO stayed from 26 to 27 April 2019 in the commune of Djibo to finalize the preparatory phase of the implementation of the PT3D3I project (Technological Pole of Integrated, Inclusive and Innovative Decentralized Sustainable Development) for the benefit of young people and women of the said locality. The news of this new project was brought to the attention of the mayor of Djibo who welcomed it enthusiastically.

Indeed, on Friday 26 April 2019, the delegation met the Mayor of Djibo with whom it had exchanges on certain aspects of the project and benefited from useful advice for its successful implementation. The exchanges focused mainly on issues related to the formalization and establishment procedure of the project site as well as other no less important points that constitute prerequisites for the implementation of the project. As the exchanges were fruitful, the RAVI Foundation will soon deploy a team to proceed with the implementation of the project.

The Mayor of Djibo in the Sahel has expressed his willingness to accompany the RAVI Foundation in its work, which is so life-saving for young people and women living in a difficult setting marked by a rise in insecurity as a result of the terrorist attacks.

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