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Fondation RAVI

Press conference on the Unithon Fundrising GALA on December 1st, 2019 at SIAO

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The RAVI Foundation (REVIE) organized on Tuesday, November 26, 2019 in its premises the visit of media men for a press conference, in order to announce its fundraising gala dinner scheduled for Sunday, December 1st, 2019 from 7 p.m. at the Sunrise Pavilion of the International Handicraft Exhibition of Ouagadougou (SIAO).

The fundraising is part of a patriotic outburst in the face of the number of internally displaced persons registered in our country (nearly 1,000,000 people), in order to involve state actors, civil society, the private sector, trade unions and Burkinabe workers who work tirelessly in noble actions accompanying the Nation for economic, social and solidarity development.

To this end, the RAVI Foundation (REVIE) with its innovative concept Fast Job and Food brings an appropriate and adapted response to the security and food situation in Burkina Faso. This concept will make it possible to develop the means to produce food after a maximum of 4 months in order to ensure food self-sufficiency by the rural and displaced populations themselves in a rapid and continuous manner (12 months out of 12).

This fund-raising will enable the RAVI Foundation (REVIE) to create 500 businesses and 10,000 jobs.

The presidium was made up of Mr Salam A. OUEDRAOGO, President of the RAVI Foundation (REVIE) at the centre, Mrs Rosalie COULIBALY/BAYE, Secretary General of the Foundation and Mrs Sita SOW in charge of recruitment and training at the RAVI Foundation (REVIE).

At the time of this Fund Raising, one will have several options of contribution, namely :

A. Donations: donations, sponsorships, legacies, patrons ;
B. Shareholding: be a shareholder of a successful company;
C. Purchase before production;
D. Buying goods;
E. Supplier credit.
Nevertheless, the RAVI Foundation (REVIE) remains open to other forms of collaboration.

The President of the RAVI Foundation (REVIE) invites the population to take part massively in this national event with what they have: “come with what you have but 100,000 francs is desired per place to finance the VA vision”.


  • Media has positively replied to this event by a massive attendance.



  • After the press conference, a guided tour of the infrastructures on the Foundation’s site took place.






    • Interviews of couple candidates.



At the end of this press conference, the President of the RAVI Foundation (REVIE) launched an appeal for national solidarity from the people, either Burkinabe citizens or not, state and private structures, NGOs, international institutions in order to take up this major challenge which is the empowerment of these displaced populations and the grantees of the RAVI Foundation.

«Contributing to the employability of women and young people is an act of citizenship that will enable economic and social development in order to reduce security issues in Burkina Faso. »

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