Fondation REVIE : « Mission Zéro-Chômeur »

RAVI FOUNDATION – INSTITUT Waldorfschule Nürnberg : a shared vision for a win-win partnership

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Members of the RAVI Foundation’s operational team and students from the German Waldorfschule Nürnberg Institute met on Monday, May 6th, 2019 to discuss their activities and the possibilities for a win-win partnership between the two organizations. The discussions took place live via video conferencing.

The German-based institute organizes working days for its students and pupils; this is in line with the “VA” vision developed and implemented by the Foundation.
The exchanges have enabled the two parties to get to know each other better in order to create a space for collaboration, sharing knowledge and experiences.

Clearly satisfied with this first partnership meeting, the members of the Foundation’s team and the students agreed to meet again at a later date, always with the aim of pursuing the reflection in order to help incubator organizations such as the RAVI Foundation.

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