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RAVI Foundation : Signature of a partnership agreement with the Minister of Energy

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The Ministry of Energy and the RAVI Foundation (REVIE) decide to join their efforts and means, for a synergy of joint action, facilitating the rapid and sustainable achievement of food and economic security objectives through the “FAST JOB and FOOD” concept based on the concept of productive energies.

It is within this framework that on Friday 20 December 2019 at the Ministry of Energy took place the signing of the partnership agreement between the 2 organizations.

Le Minister of Energy Dr Bachir Ismaël OUEDRAOGO (opposite) and his team (on his right his Director of Cabinet Mr. Idrissa KONDITAMDE and the CEO of ABER Mr. Ismaël Somlawendé NACOULMA) in the presence of the President of the RAVI Foundation (REVIE) Salam OUEDRAOGO and his team on his left in the company of some beneficiaries of the Foundation (on the two aisles of the conference room).


Signature of the partnership agreement (The Minister of Energy and the Président of RAVI Foundation)

This agreement, to define the areas of collaboration between the two organizations, is intended to be a platform for providing local populations with shared equipment and infrastructure for their sustainable development. As well as for setting up and organizing the infrastructures necessary for the profitable operation of the FAST JOB and FOOD project sites and the PT3D3I platforms (Decentralized Inclusive Integrated and Innovative Sustainable Development Technology Center) of the RAVI Foundation using productive energies.

Exchange of signatories between the Minister of Energy and President RAVI


Minister of Energy, his staff, President RAVI, his staff and some of RAVI grantees

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