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Visite de l'ONG SUNfarming à la Fondation RAVI

SunFarming CEO seduces with RAVI Foundation vision

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SunFarming CEO seduced by RAVI Foundation vision

While on a work stay to Burkina Faso at the end of January, the CEO of the German company and his collaborators paid a visit to the RAVI Foundation. Three hours of exchanges and discovery which enabled the German businessman to understand the vision of the RAVI foundation and to plan a collaboration in the context of youth employment.

visit of the CEO of the German company SunFarming and his collaborators to the RAVI Foundation.


The issue of unemployment and the socio-professional reintegration of young people is a concern of the RAVI Foundation known to all, even beyond the borders of Burkina Faso. As part of its partnership relationships with other development partners, the RAVI foundation, through its president, had established contacts with German investors with the aim of obtaining their participation in the implementation of its concepts. Having heard about the activities and ambitions of the RAVI Foundation, the founder of the company SunFarming wished to meet the officials of the Foundation and discuss the possibility of collaborating on investment projects under negotiation with the Burkinabè authorities. . The January 31 visit to RAVI’s premises is part of this process. The Founder of the said company was particularly able to understand the innovative approach promoted by the Foundation in the context of supporting young entrepreneurs. Seduced by the novelty of the initiative and especially its concrete implementation in the field through the various improvement laboratories in agriculture, fish farming, poultry farming, sewing, etc., Peter Schrum congratulated the President of the foundation for the work already slaughtered in such a short time. He says he is convinced that it is through such approaches that development will be a reality.

His company intends to invest in Burkina Faso in the field of solar energy. The Foundation will therefore be an ideal partner to involve women and young people in this national project. A partnership agreement already exists between the two entities; there remains the concretization of this agreement by the concrete realization of actions on the ground, and that will not be long in believing the CEO of SunFarming.

As a reminder, SunFarming is a company of the ALENSYS group (ALENSYS Alternative Energiesystem AG). Founded in 2004 as quality assurance, purchasing cooperative association and planning company of the BBK (Bundesverband Biogene & Regenerative Kraft- und Treibstoffe eV, today BRM Bundesverband Regenerative Mobilität), SUNfarming GmbH covers the whole Project development and EPC (engineering, supply, construction) value chain in the field of solar energy. Convinced that solar energy is the most economical and safest source of energy for the future worldwide, it takes it upon itself to “leave a clean environment for our children and grandchildren”. It operates in several countries around the world, notably in East, South and West Africa.

visit of the CEO of the German company SunFarming and his collaborators to the RAVI Foundation.

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