Fondation REVIE : « Mission Zéro-Chômeur »

The President of the Foundation and the Mayor of Djibo signed a contract for the execution of the fish farming project incorporated into agriculture.

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As part of the implementation of the project to support the socio-economic development of Djibo (fish farming project along with agriculture), the president of the REVIE Foundation received the mayor of Djibo on Monday, June 10th, 2019. The ultimate goal of this trip of the mayor Oumarou DJICO is the signing of the agreement between the Foundation and the Municipality of Djibo for the execution of the project of fish farming integrated with agriculture in Djibo.

This act testifies once again to the determination of the two entities to carry out the project in order to make the town of Djibo liveable and pleasant. With the signing of the contract, it is an important step that has just been taken towards the beginning of the project’s activities in a short period of time.

This project financed by the European Union aims to incubate 70 young people and women, to train them in agro-fishing for sustainable development and also to promote employment in the Djibo area.
The two bodies welcomed the signing of the contract and intend to give themselves all the means to make the project operational for the benefit of the Djibo populations.


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