Fondation REVIE : « Mission Zéro-Chômeur »
Fondation RAVI

The RAVI Foundation organized a 5-day theoretical and practical training for its successful actors (grantees) from 11 to 16 October 2019.

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During this training, eight (8) of the successful actors of the RAVI Foundation each made a semi-automatic incubator with a capacity of 90 eggs, a manual incubator with a capacity of 150 eggs, and a chick hatchery. These incubators and chick hatcheries serve as starter equipment for the businesses of the successful actors (beneficiaries) of the RAVI Foundation.

The participants now know :

– to manufacture incubators;

– egg incubation techniques;

– to manufacture chick hatcheries;

– to manage and operate chick hatchery.


Participants expressed their willingness to persevere in the field in view of the business opportunities available to them. What remains is the application of the knowledge gained. See you in the next step (E3), the LABORATORY phase.

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