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Training in poultry feed manufacturing

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Training in poultry feed manufacturing

This is the tradition at the RAVI Foundation: Before deployment in the field, future entrepreneurs are trained in the jobs to which they apply and much more. On January 2, 3 and 4, it was around the beneficiaries in the poultry sector to strengthen their knowledge in the production of poultry feed.

As intended by the first officials of the Foundation, the year 2020 marks the acceleration of the activities of the organization. Training being one of its priorities, the first started on January 2 and brought together, for three days, entrepreneurs in the making, from Ouagadougou, Poa and Koudougou in the Center-West region. Food protocol techniques, poultry feed manufacturing, avian health and marketing techniques were taught to the ten participants by poultry expert Noé P. KABORE.

Combining theory and practice, learners were able to compose food for local chicks, layers and hens. They also got to know, in a practical way, the raw materials used for food needs, that is to say, the fattening and laying of poultry. They were also trained in the detection of poultry diseases and their treatment.

Training in poultry feed manufacturing


At the end of this training, the beneficiaries are ready to launch their activity and leave satisfied with their achievements. The next step is the advanced training course, also known as practical laboratory training. This stage is part of a seven-level process set up by the RAVI Foundation, which accompanies its beneficiaries until they are autonomous. It goes from job profiling to the creation of the distribution network, including the creation of a business, the development of a business plan, the search for financing, etc. Called “the beneficiary’s journey”, this process ultimately aims to produce young entrepreneurs who take charge of themselves and employ others.

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Training in poultry feed manufacturing

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