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UNITHON INTERNATIONAL: The launch will take place on March 22, 2020

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Launched on December 1, 2019, the Unithon concept is being internalized. The REVIE Foundation as part of its vision called VA (to make my locality liveable and attractive) intends to give the opportunity to Burkinabè living abroad to participate in the development of the country and at the same time do business. The launching ceremony of the concept will take place on Sunday March 22, 2020 in Ouagadougou under the sponsorship of the Minister in charge of Burkinabè from the outside.

After Unithon National, it is Unithon international’s turn to invite itself into the daily life of Burkinabè in the diaspora. Unithon is an innovative concept of mobilizing contributions from each Burkinabè to finance the endogenous development of the country. It is also a unique and profitable possibility to participate in the creation of businesses and wealth involving young people and women in Burkina; this through 5 major axes. The first relates to shareholding. It is for Burkinabè who wish to be a shareholder in a successful company. The second axis, Credit, allows you to invest in projects with rapid return on investment. As for axes 3 and 4, namely Supplier credit and purchase before production, they respectively boost sales by contributing to the development of credible companies, within the framework of a secure collaboration model and contribute to the development of local businesses by purchasing their products and services. The fifth axis is donation, through which everyone can contribute to the implementation of innovative projects for local socio-economic resilience through donations, grants, sponsorship bequests, patrons …

These axes participate in the implementation of the VA vision which is a true orientation of endogenous development which is essentially based on endogenous funding by the Burkinabè themselves. And Unithon is one of its major concepts. The mobilizations that will be made in this context will be used to finance Fast Job and Food projects for the benefit of rural and displaced populations in insecure regions.

Being an activity intended for Burkinabè of the diaspora, Unithon international received the approval of the Ministry of African integration and Burkinabè of the outside, which through its first responsible, the Minister Paul Robert TIENDREBEOGO will sponsor, the launch, to 2 p.m. GMT on Sunday March 22 from the conference room. It will be broadcast live on national television channels and will take place by videoconference from the Ministry as well as Burkina Faso embassies and consulates abroad. Internet users will also be able to take part in it via streaming on the Fondation 24 web tv or the Zoom application.

The President of the Foundation invites all Burkinabè wherever they are in the world to make this event their own because making each locality in Burkina Faso livable and pleasant is our vision and also their responsibility.

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