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Mise en oeuvre du projet Fast Job and Food à Kagrin

Fast Job and Food : Kangrin gets ahead

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As part of the deployment of the “Fast Job and Food" concept, social mobilization and prospecting missions were carried out in early January in various localities in Burkina Faso by the RAVI Foundation. A month later, things are moving forward in leaps and bounds in the village of Kangrin near Ouahigouya. The Foundation’s experts have carried out a mission there for development work.

The mission stayed in the village of Kagrin for about ten days. Under the supervision of Aziz SARA, the Foundation’s expert in Building and Public Works (BTP), construction work was carried out on fish ponds for the development of agricultural fields. The fish farming basins with a capacity of 100 m3 were built to receive a large quantity of fish called clarias. They will allow mass production of variety to feed the population of Kangrin in accordance with the Fast Job and Food concept.

Since the concept involves the integration of several fields of trades, agricultural fields with an area of about 3800 m² have been developed. Immediately, maize was sown with the ambition to harvest before the rainy season. This will allow the village, in addition to having fish, to also have maize permanently regardless of the seasons.

 Harouna SAWADOGO, the promoter of this site and beneficiary of the support of the RAVI Foundation was thus able to find his way to his business and even created more jobs for other people. Because the construction of the fish pond involved the participation of a staff made up of five people including a civil works engineer, two masons and two laborers, who worked for five days to carry out the work.

As for the development of the agricultural field, it consisted of weeding, the realization of the “yambé" gravity irrigation system and required the participation of about twenty young people and women (some of them among the displaced) recruited and paid for this purpose. Its site had previously benefited from the installation of a solar-plate powered borehole in 2019. It will now be able to use the water from this borehole for fish farming and agriculture. It is therefore a chain of trades that is being set up in this village.

As a reminder, the “Fast Job and Food" concept consists in the rapid production of food by creating sustainable employability. After the social mobilization at the beginning of January, it was the practical implementation phase of the concept. The population of Kangrin is satisfied with this initiative and hopes that the work will extend over several hectares so that there will be plenty of work and food on a permanent basis.

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