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Visite de Essakane à la Fondation RAVI

Partnership: Essakane SA, “ambassador” of the VA Vision

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The RAVI Foundation’s VISON continues to be emulated. Many people and institutions want to participate in making every locality in Burkina Faso liveable and pleasant. This is the case of the mining company Essakane SA, which visited the Foundation’s facilities on Friday 13 March 2020.

Contacts between Essakane SA and the RAVI Foundation date back several months. The idea that the VA Vision, through FAST JOB AND FOOD, could be deployed for the benefit of the populations of the mining company’s intervention zone had already made its way. This Friday, the delegation, composed of Mrs. DABO Sirinatou and Mr. KERE Kalid came to see the work that is already being done in the field and to appreciate the techniques and technologies that have been tested and that could be deployed in their area. Through what they discovered, the special envoys of the company were keen to encourage the work done and promise to accelerate the talks in order to achieve the partnership envisaged since 2019. In the meantime, the company is already acting as an “ambassador” for the vision to make it better known.


After the Essakane Company, the Foundation also received the visit of a delegation from the Burkina Faso Chamber of Commerce in Dubai. Mr SANOGO Saïd, Head of mission of the Chamber in Dubai and also President of the Emirate-Burkina Businessmen Federation, accompanied by a collaborator, came to get acquainted with the activities of the Foundation while waiting to continue the exchanges within the framework of a future partnership. He is also the founder of a central purchasing office for services in the African market called BSC INTERNATIONAL. This company, which aims to help traders in raw materials, importers, exporters, governments and other institutions or investors in the establishment of their transactions, could be an important partner for the Foundation, whose beneficiaries’ companies produce and market their products throughout the world. The delegation was delighted to have discovered the countless possibilities offered by the Foundation to young people and women, and undertook to come back another time with concrete proposals for the implementation of the VA vision.

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