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Partnership : RÜCKKEHR ZUM LEBEN mobilizes almost € 50,000 for the RAVI Foundation

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A fruitful partnership, this is what we could call the relationship between the German RÜCKKEHR ZUM LEBEN Foundation and the RAVI Foundation in Burkina Faso. Nearly 49 thousand euros plus IT materials and rolling stock was mobilized by the former to support the activities of the latter.

RÜCKKEHR ZUM LEBEN (Back to Life) is a German foundation created in Germany to support the initiatives of the RAVI Foundation in Burkina Faso. Since its creation, the RAVI Foundation has benefited from the financial and material support of its sister foundation which amounts to more than 49 thousand € (nearly 33 million FCFA). From 2017 to 2019, in addition to the financial contributions, important equipment has been collected and sent for the needs of the RAVI Foundation. In 2017, it provided financial support of €11,000 for the construction of premises consisting of a conference room, two offices, a sewing laboratory, and two residences on the site of the REVIE Foundation in Balkuy (Ouagadougou). In the same year, it was able to donate a 10-hectare plot of land in Kounda (Commune of Saponé) worth €30,500. This land will be used for the development of the FAST JOB AND FOOD concept for certain beneficiaries who have already started the development. A poultry farm has already been set up and a borehole built for farming.

In 2018, the financial mobilization of this foundation made it possible to finance the opening of a restaurant for one beneficiary and a German language training course for 3 beneficiaries. It is also their contribution that made it possible to set up a solar borehole in Kagrin and to plan the construction of fish ponds, a water hydrant and the installation of a water tower in the same locality.

On behalf of the past year, in addition to the donation of the sum of 2,000 € to support the activities of the REVIE Foundation, RÜCKKEHR ZUM LEBEN has enabled the establishment of TIC City in Ouagadougou and Ouahigouya on behalf of the beneficiaries through the sending of 200 office computer screens and 100 central units. Two tractors for the development of agricultural sites and four trucks as well as material goods such as sewing machines, kitchen accessories and a freezer powered by an air conditioner for the realization of a cold room completed the long list of donations received by the Foundation. The latter made it possible to equip the sewing and restaurant laboratories of the beneficiaries of the RAVI Foundation. This partnership, which is only in its infancy, promises a better tomorrow for the RAVI Foundation beneficiaries. Already, it can be noted that these donations have helped to give employment to some young people in the fields of computer science, catering, sewing and even agriculture.


Partenariat avec Zum Leben

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